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    Plugin category: [MISC] [MECH] [GEN] [FUN] [AWESOME]

    Suggested name: MakeYourOwnKits ? Or KitMaker ? Or whatever else you desire. It's your choice.

    What I want: I would like a plugin that lets you create your own kits ingame (commands) for any player with permissions.
    My server is an item spawning server and donators don't want to use up time typing /i (item) (amount) every time. They want kits they could define. Obviously it would take too much time for them to EMAIL me what they want in their kit and add that to kits.txt, so that's when I thought of MakeYourOwnKits.
    Also, I don't want my users to get kits of bedrock (which is not allowed ingame), so could you add a option for blacklisted items? :)

    Ideas for commands:
    • /kit (my username) (ID),(AMOUNT);(ID),(AMOUNT); so on
    • Example: /kit icheesy 1,64;3,20;276,2; 373:16458,1
    • /getkit (your username) - gets your kit
    • /resetkit - resets your kit

    Ideas for permissions: icanuse.mykits
    Allows to use ALL commands.

    If setting up permissions is too hard/too much work, you don't need to.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as you can
    If you have any questions... PLEASE ASK :)

    BTW: If you are more familiar with working with web interface, I could have users go on the website and submit their kits to some widget that could send the kit information to the server...
    Meh, if you want to make some plugin integrated with the web, just comment and I could give you my idea on it.
  2. That's a cool idea.
    Off topic: Did he ever finished the Team plugin if so can i have a link?
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    Nope :( idk what happened to my thread (I can't find it)
  4. Do you really need it to have the web interface? Because I have no clue about that stuff :(. If you don't need it, I could make this plugin.
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    Oh I don't need it! That was an option for people really good at web stuff.
    Man I'm so excited!! May I ask how long it may take you? :) THANKS! [sponge]
  6. Not sure, maybe 2-3 days since I am really busy. I will try to get it finished by then :). If you want it to store all the kit info in an actual database it will take a lot longer since I'm new to that.

    EDIT: If anyone else wants to take a crack at this, go ahead, since I'm doing this just to learn/for fun.

    Should users be able to create multiple kits for themselves? Its a feature I could easily add while I am still planning this out.

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    I think it would be good if each user gets 1 kit. Otherwise it could get confusing and people could start forgetting their kit names.
    Using their own name for a kit would be easy to remember.
    However if you feel that they should create multiple kits, I'm fine with that too :)

    yup, you don't need to store it in a database :p
  8. You know, maybe bobacadodl could make it sort of like /kit list which would list all of the kits you have and to add a kit you do /kit add <kitname> and once added it will show the kit name in /kit list. Just a thought. And permissions could define how many kits one can make. For example, "kits.makekits.1", "kits.makekits.2", "kits.makekits.3", ETC.
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  9. JjPwN1 Actually, I'm doing it almost exactly like that :). Users create a kit with /ckit create [name]. They add items to the kit with /ckit add [item id] [amount]. They can list their kits with /ckit list. Also I think I might use your idea for permissions defining the amount of kits they get, rather than making it an option in config.

    I'm almost done ;) I just need to add support for material data values, add the list command, and then fix bugs, then it will be ready.

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    Whoa!! :D So quick!
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    Me niether :p if the developer comes back from i think the mountains and doesn't make it I might give it a try you should contact a mod and ask what happened to your thread sorry to go off topic
  12. I finished it. I just need to set up a server to test it on.
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    Wanna test on mine? I am testing other plugins too
  14. Sure! Can I send you the jar? I need to finish the plugin yml and clean up some code first.

    zecheesy There are no cooldowns to receive kits, is that ok?

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  15. That's what plugins like boosCooldowns are for. :p
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    Ok send me jar my ip is in signature sorry i just got the alert :p
  17. I don't see ip.
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    Click the either achievement or look on the banner and the ip is right there...
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    Okay. I just bought a dedicated server, so I can test it there :p
  20. zecheesy can i have ip me want to test.
  21. zecheesy I still have a couple bugs to fix. I just realized that I haven't added any way to REMOVE the kits that you have created O_O. Also, the plugin glitches out if you create a kit with the name "create", "list", or any other command of the plugin. Most bugs should be fixed by tomorrow afternoon :)
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    go to the top and click on my signature
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    Hey are you done with it yet? :)
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  26. zecheesy Sorry I have been really busy. The plugin is almost done and I should be able to finish it on friday.
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    It's friday :D
  28. zecheesy It's almost done. Sorry it has been taking so long I really haven't had much time recently :'( I promise It'll be finished tomorrow.

    Here it is :D

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