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    Hello Everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to create a small plugin that works with this one:

    The editing would include the ability to use kits and a small economy.
    The economy:
    When players play a game they get given small amounts of cash. Almost like loyalty points.
    For example:
    1st dead: $20
    2nd: $30 etc
    This money would then be able to be used to buy kits which I will explain below.
    The kits:
    For example a ranked player could type /kit pyro in an anrena and start off with firecharges + flint and steal.
    If they are not a ranked player then they can buy a kit each game for a certain amount of money which is where the economy part comes it.
    They would only be allowed to use one kit per game though.

    If you can do it then please send me a PM with links to previous work, price and time attached.
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