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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ColonelHedgehog, Jan 25, 2015.

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    My plugin, for whatever reason, has decided to throw me a curve-ball. When CraftBukkit launches, it says that the plugin's Main class "does not extend JavaPlugin."

    That'd be fine, if it were right. Here is the decompiled version of my Main class.

    package com.ColonelHedgehog.MenuAPI.Core;
    import com.ColonelHedgehog.MenuAPI.Libraries.*;
    import com.ColonelHedgehog.MenuAPI.Listeners.*;
    import org.bukkit.event.*;
    import org.bukkit.plugin.*;
    public class MenuAPI extends JavaPlugin
        public static String ANSI_RESET;
        public static String ANSI_BLACK;
        public static String ANSI_RED;
        public static String ANSI_GREEN;
        public static String ANSI_YELLOW;
        public static String ANSI_BLUE;
        public static String ANSI_PURPLE;
        public static String ANSI_CYAN;
        public static String ANSI_WHITE;
        public static String ANSI_BOLD_ON;
        public static String ANSI_BOLD_OFF;
        private static MenuAPI plugin;
        private static MenuRegistry menuRegistry;
        public void onEnable() {
            MenuAPI.plugin = this;
            MenuAPI.menuRegistry = new MenuRegistry();
            MenuAPI.plugin.getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvents((Listener)new MenuActions(), (Plugin)MenuAPI.plugin);
            MenuAPI.plugin.getLogger().info("Initializing " + MenuAPI.ANSI_BLUE + MenuAPI.ANSI_BOLD_ON + "Colonel" + MenuAPI.ANSI_CYAN + "Hedgehog" + MenuAPI.ANSI_RESET + MenuAPI.ANSI_BOLD_OFF + "'s " + MenuAPI.ANSI_YELLOW + "MenuAPI. All libraries loaded." + MenuAPI.ANSI_RESET);
        public MenuRegistry getMenuRegistry() {
            return MenuAPI.menuRegistry;
        public static MenuAPI i() {
            return MenuAPI.plugin;
        static {
            MenuAPI.ANSI_RESET = "\u001b[0m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_BLACK = "\u001b[30m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_RED = "\u001b[31m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_GREEN = "\u001b[32m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_YELLOW = "\u001b[33m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_BLUE = "\u001b[34m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_PURPLE = "\u001b[35m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_CYAN = "\u001b[36m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_WHITE = "\u001b[37m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_BOLD_ON = "\u001b[1m";
            MenuAPI.ANSI_BOLD_OFF = "\u001b[22m";
    I put the jar in my plugins folder through a decompiler to see if it was just my IDE, but clearly the class is extending JavaPlugin. Right? Well, not according to my console:

    [15:33:35 ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins/MenuAPI-Bin.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: main class `com.ColonelHedgehog.MenuAPI.Core.MenuAPI' does not extend JavaPlugin
    Any idea (no pun intended) what's causing this problem?
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    Are you sure in your plugin.yml, it refers to the main class as the one you have posted?
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    Yes, I'm sure.

    main: com.ColonelHedgehog.MenuAPI.Core.MenuAPI
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    Try removing the "static" block, I seem to recall having issues with that.
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    That was generated by the decompiler. In reality, I just initialize the variables when I write them:

    public static String ANSI_RESET = "\u001B[0m";
    public static String ANSI_BLACK = "\u001B[30m";
    public static String ANSI_RED = "\u001B[31m";
    public static String ANSI_GREEN = "\u001B[32m";
    public static String ANSI_YELLOW = "\u001B[33m";
    public static String ANSI_BLUE = "\u001B[34m";
    public static String ANSI_PURPLE = "\u001B[35m";
    public static String ANSI_CYAN = "\u001B[36m";
    public static String ANSI_WHITE = "\u001B[37m";
    public static String ANSI_BOLD_ON = "\u001B[1m";
    public static String ANSI_BOLD_OFF = "\u001B[22m";
    However, I'll try and put it in another class. Might do something.

    EDIT: Nope, nothing.

    EDIT 2: Here is my plugin.yml incase you're interested.

    name: MenuAPI
    main: com.ColonelHedgehog.MenuAPI.Core.MenuAPI
    version: 1.0
    author: ColonelHedgehog
    description: A powerful API for creating inventory menus with both flexibility and ease.
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  6. @ColonelHedgehog
    import org.bukkit.plugin.*;

    Isn't that superfluous?

    Edit:As pointed out by Konato, apparently I'm not goodz at the javaz.

    But for your problem, I really don't know man. =/
    Are you using a dev build or something?
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    @BorisTheTerrible No, importing "org.bukkit.*" will only import classes in that package, subpackages are ignored.
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    Besides, that was added by the decompiler.

    Alright, well, I managed to fix it. It's the oddest thing. Something about the name of the Main class matching the project's/plugin's name threw it off. So I renamed it to "MenuAPIMain."
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    Oh crap pressed enter too soon.

    Anyways, not sure if the logger parses ANSI colors? ANSI escapes do not work on windows.
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    I think they work with Linux consoles, too. Presumably most server owners will be running on Linux, anyway. Although, come to think of it, MenuAPI is, after all, an API, so a lot of Windows developers will be using it.

    At any rate, it's just a little extra fun I threw in for anyone who was able to see it. I'm not sure if there is any sort of universal alternative. I certainly didn't find one when I searched it up.
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    ANSI becomes random characters and an [ in your windows console FYI
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    Oh, really? :confused: I wonder how MassiveCore did it, then. I'll have to look into that.
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    @ColonelHedgehog I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but if you want to print colors into the server console you can use ChatColor codes with Bukkit#getConsoleSender#sendMessage
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    Ah, I see. Thank you. However, I'm not sure if this works asynchronously (I suspect it does, since most message-sending forms are thread safe).
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    Why did you decompile your class instead of giving the original?
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    To clear away any doubt that it was a problem with my IDE's compiler/what it was showing vs what it was outputting. But that problem's fixed now.
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    @Konato_K Development is to write a script for a program or something like that.
    A person that write it, is called 'Developer'.

    - And i know, you are kidding me.
    P.S. My english is not really good, i'm dutch.
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    Actually it is making something more advanced/mature, or growing something. In this case we are making a program more advanced, but the definition is not limited to us. Farmers that grow crops can be considered developers :p
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    @Skionz Hey Skionz! Always a answer like that! Always.. Love it! xD
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    As much as I'm enjoying the comments in this thread, I'm going to request a lock since we're done here. :p Thanks for all the comments and help!
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