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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Heaved, Apr 6, 2021.

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    Minecraft version : 1.8.8

    Suggested name : Keep Item

    What I want: I'd like If Someone Make Me A Plugin ^-^ Its A Keep Item Plugin . So U Can Set A List Of Items In The Config File . Those Items U Won't Lose Them When U Die . When U Respawn U Will Keep Them In Your Inventory . Also Please Make It Compatible With Non Enchanted Items And Enchanted Item ^^ That's All

    Ideas for commands : Nothing

    Ideas for permissions : keep.items To keep items after death

    When I'd like it by : As Soon As You Can . And Thank UUUU
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    Just had a crazy thought, /gamerule keepInventory true

    I’ll give it a shot because the only things that set the gamerule and a plug-in apart is the permission node. (After school)
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    But There Is Only Some Items That You Can't Drop :D. Not All Items
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    Lmao what do you drop when you die
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    I Wan't Just A Plugin To Disable Some Items From Dropping When U Die Like [Diamond_Axe ..]
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    Got it. Easy. Made it with CommandHelper, so its open source and you can edit anything (Messages etc) as you like.

    Also I didnt use a config file, as i hate fiddling around with these. You can use ingame commands to add/remove items to the keep-list.


    1) Install Scripting Engine "CommandHelper" (.jar to plugins/):

    2) Restart server

    3) Remove every script in plugins/CommandHelper/ (, aliases.msa,

    4) Copy Script in

    bind('player_death', null, null, @e){
        @drops = @e['drops']
        @p = @e['player']
            store_value("keep_item.items", array())
        @save_drops = get_value("keep_item.items")
        @saved_drops = array()
        foreach(@item in @drops){
            @itemname = @item['name']
            if(!array_contains(@save_drops, @item['name'])){
            array_push(@saved_drops, @item)
        modify_event('drops', null)
        store_value("keep_item.players.".@p, @saved_drops)
    bind('player_spawn', null, null, @e){
        @p = @e['player']
            die("No permission")
            die("[KeepItem] No items saved")
        @saved_drops = get_value("keep_item.players.".@p)
        foreach(@item in @saved_drops){
            try(msg("[KeepItem] Saved you your item: ".@item['name']))
            pgive_item(@p, @item)
    register_command('keepitem', array(
        'permission': 'keep.admin',
        'tabcompleter': closure(@a, @p, @args){
            return(array("add", "remove", "removeall", "clear_players_saves", "list"))
        "executor": closure(@a, @p, @args){
                store_value("keep_item.items", array())
            @save_drops = get_value("keep_item.items")
            # /keepitem add
            if(length(@args) == 1 && @args[0] == "add"){
                @item = get_inventory_item(puuid(@p), pheld_slot())
                array_push(@save_drops, @item['name'])
                store_value("keep_item.items", @save_drops)
                die("[KeepItem] Item added to keep-list: ".@save_drops)
            # /keepitem remove
            if(length(@args) == 1 && @args[0] == "remove"){
                @item = get_inventory_item(puuid(@p), pheld_slot())
                array_remove_values(@save_drops, @item)
                store_value("keep_item.items", @save_drops)
                die("[KeepItem] Item removed from keep-list")
            # /keepitem removeall
            if(length(@args) == 1 && @args[0] == "removeall"){
                store_value("keep_item.items", array())
                die("[KeepItem] Removed all items from keep-list")
            # /keepitem list
            if(length(@args) == 1 && @args[0] == "list"){
                @save_drops = get_value("keep_item.items")
                die("[KeepItem] All items in keep-list: ".@save_drops)
            # /keepitem clear_players_saves Notch
            if(length(@args) == 2 && @args[0] == "clear_players_saves"){
                @player = @args[1]
                die("[KeepItem] Removed ".@player."'s drops-list")

    5) Recompile scripts on server: /recompile


    The commands need the 'keep.admin' permission (or OP).

    /keepitem add -- Adds item you are holding in your hand to the keep-list
    /keepitem remove -- Removes item you are holding in your hand from the keep-list
    /keepitem list -- Lists items currently on the keep-list
    /keepitem removeall -- Clears the whole keep-list
    /keepitem clear_players_saves <player> -- Clears the players list of items to be saved (actually not needed, maybe for debug)
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    Thank You So Much Bro <33
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