Keep Chunk of Players in RAM after logout

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    Plugin category: Admin Tool, World Editing
    Suggested name: KeepPlayerChunk
    Purpose: Improves performance on slow servers with small player base and/or slow hard drives.

    Short story: I'm running a private server (Spigot) for me and my friends on a Raspberry Pi. We are around 10 players, with 5-7 players online max. Server runs surprisingly smooth but there is one big problem: When a player logs in he is falling into the void for a very long time and normally dies. It is very annoying as we are playing in SMP. This happens due to the very slow read speed from the Raspberry PI's SD Card and it's slow CPU. If the chunks are already loaded into the RAM there are no problems with falling/dying on login.

    What I want: When a player logs out the plugin should keep the chunk the player was in in RAM. All other chunks around his logout position can be deleted. It should keep the chunks for every player that is logged out for a specific time set in its config file.

    Ideas for commands:
    /KPCtoggle - activates/deactivates the plugin
    /KPCclean <time> - cleans chunks from players that haven't logged in for <time> (in hours)
    /KPCChunksTotal - shows number of chunks kept in RAM by this plugin
    Ideas for permissions: OPs only

    When I'd like it by: There is no rush but the sooner the better. :)

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    Hello Hiradur ,

    thank you very much for your feedback on the project page of KCIR. I added your suggestion to my To-Do-List. Please subscribe to file updates if you like to be notified about new releases.

    Kind regards,

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    Great news. Thank you!
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    I would also be interested in this. Would help me loads as its very annoying spawning underground or falling a great distance.

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