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    Official Ulti

    Plugin category: Economy, Fun,

    Suggested name: KarmaPoints

    What I want: A way for members to give others karma points, for if they like someone, or if he got helped by that person, ... . He cant give himself karma points, because the karma points are used as a currency, to use in special shops, wich sells custom item,

    SignShop Example:



    You can also edit it if you think its not good enough, or if you like it otherwise :p

    Ideas for commands:

    /KarmaPoints help: (User/Admin Command)

    Shows you what commands there are

    /KarmaPoints give <player> <amount>: (User/Admin Command)
    Command to give the player a amount of karmapoints for their help, or if he likes the player, ...

    /KarmaPoints credits: (User/Admin Command)
    Says what version, why, your name & social media

    /KarmaPoints bal: (User/Admin Command)
    Says how much karma points you have

    /KarmaPoints bal <player>: (User/Admin Command)
    Shows the current KarmaPoints-balance of the selected player

    /KarmaPoints set <player> <amount>: (Admin Command)
    Sets the selected player the selected amount of karmapoints

    /KarmaPoints reset <player>: (Admin Command)
    Resets the selected player's karma points

    /KarmaPoints reload: (Admin Command)
    Reloads the KarmaPoints plugin

    /KarmaPoints enable/disable: (Admin Command)
    Enables/Disables the plugin

    Also, i should add the commands in short like /KP help, etc.

    Ideas for permissions:
    KarmaPoints.admin (Gives acces to the admin commands)
    KarmaPoints.user (Gives acces to all commands for the user)

    This plugin has be requested by one of my server moderators, called Jack_Firestorm, and i made the rest of the ideas :)

    PS: Please say in the comments if you want to make it or if its finished <3
    PPS: I hope you will make the plugin compatible for all versions, (1.8 not needed) If thats not possible, you can make it 1.7.9 R2
    PPPS: You can request more commands or ideas <3

    ALSO: i am thinking of more plugins, and a core-plugin wich is required for all those plugins, maybe if someone wants to help work with this, it will be always welcome! :)
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    Ill Make this if i get time
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    Official Ulti

    That would be great! Thank you :)
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