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    I was looking around for a karma plugin which would basically give player negative karma if he/she kills players. However, if player does not kill other players, he/she will get positive karma.

    The one I found closest to this was the PvPReward plugin.

    However, I find it stupid how killing players gets you positive karma and there can't be any negative karma.

    Heres a small example how I would like it to be.

    We have player A and player B.
    They both have 0 karma.
    Player A decides to kill player B. Player A gets -1 karma. and player B stays at 0 karma.

    Now that player B has -1 karma, other players can kill him and get around 0.1% of the monies the player B is carrying, the other player who kills him will get negative karma aswell whatsoever.

    If the player B had around -25 karma, he would lose 5% of the monies he is carrying, but the player who kills him would not receive any negative karma nor positive karma.

    If player is at 0 karma and doesn't kill anyone, he/she will gain positive karma.

    Is there any plugin that is close to this, or is there anyone who could possibly create a plugin like this?
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    "If player is at 0 karma and doesn't kill anyone, he/she will gain positive karma."

    At what rate? Do players gain karma each 5 hours game time that they don't kill a player or what?
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    This is exactly what my plugin (PvPRewards) does. Players get positive Karma but picture it as bad Karma. So if you kill someone your bad Karma increases. Do you understand? Perhaps I can add a Feature to have it show the Karma as a negative value.

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