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    Hey everyone this is just a very small plugin request.. just something very simple...
    I was going to make a server using this: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/itemrenamer/
    And this: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/epicboss/files/33-epic-boss-2-3-9/
    is there a way i could have players craft items.. but with custom item names so for example craft a diamond block with 5 dirt. But then get a blue dirt rock item. And not diamond. I don't mind if you could for example craft the blue rock back in to 9 diamonds. What i'm going for here is that players can craft custom named items. and use it to execute a command. In this case: a boss.
    is it possible to do it? Does it already exist? I couldn't find it tough...
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    cant create new items with bukkit.

    this would have to be a client side mod. not server side
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    Its not custom items... its renamed items. You can do that on any vanilla server with an object called anvil.
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    I even linked it in the post. maybe i'm not clear enough.. :( i want players on my server to craft custom named items. for example the blue rock, diamond block. use it (right or left click) to execute a command. it only works with that item. so you can't execute it with a normal diamond block. thats all :)

    Edit: i don't know anything about coding. The idea seemed simple to me. maybe its bedrock hard to code.. :/ i don't know. i've had soo many more requests and people ditnt make it not because it wasn't possible. but because it was really big and tuff to make :p
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    Well you'd need to set up a listener for CraftItemEvent
    2. @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL)
    3. public void onCraftItemEvent(CraftItemEvent event) {
    5. ItemStack selectedStack = event.getInventory().getResult();
    6. int selectedStackTypeId = selectedStack.getTypeId();
    7. short selectedStackDamageValue = selectedStack.getDurability();
    10. // re-name the item stack here
    12. }

    I can't find anything in the Bukkit API to do the renaming at the moment, and I don't want to mess around with vanilla minecraft code since updates will probably break it.

    A problem I encountered was if you click the slot where the crafted item should be but the slot is empty when you click it, it throws severe errors to the console a/o server log
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    I believe ItemMeta has a setName method. I can look into it further if you want. You shouldn't need to use nms code :D
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    I'm pretty sure this is possible by attaching xyz MetaData to a diamond block but I'm too busy to look into it, sorry.
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    You don't have to mess around with nbt tags and metadata. Bukkit has a class called itemmeta that handles it for you.
    Now, I just need to check the display name of a crafted object, and if it is a certain value, execute the command specified in the lore. Is that good Masterflapdrol?
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    Exactly! Perfect! :) thank you! But I don't have any coding program of some sort. But its very interesting to look at your codes... maybe a config would be great! (edit: would the command then be executed by normal diamond blocks as well? That could be a problem)
    oh and the command isn't used on the craft event. but on the player interaction. after that the item is taken away

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