Just some help on my new CB server.

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Rock_Cam12, Oct 10, 2014.

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    Hello guys, its me again and I have more questions. Im so glad you guys are really good at helping out. My first question is, ive heard of BungeeCord and that it was a way to connect two server or something like that. I would like to get that because then I can have a SMP and minigame server running at the same time. So if someone could help me with that. Second question, I need some transportation system, such as portals to join a minigame or the other server through bungeecord. Thirdly, I know that my computer will not be able to run 2 servers 24/7. So if anyone has a good hosting website that is CHEAP and works fine. No limited storage, please let me know. Lastly, my mcjobs is not paying the players or the staff, instead its taking the money. PLEASE someone tell me how to fix this. These are just some questions and ill post more later. THANKS for your help, it is GREATLY appreciated. ;) ~Rocky
    P.S... INFO on my server, its currently a 1.7.9 craftbukkit running server, the permissions and colorchat are working, and I have quite a few plugins.
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    you need to have 3 servers to use bungee the bungeecord acts as a proxy over the other servers. It will not be possible to do it with one server.
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    Well I can do three servers, I just need help with the questions.

    Can someone help me with this please?

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    This is Bukkit not Spigot. Post your MCJobs config.
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    max_pay: 1000
    percent_cost: 95
    show_pay: true
    time_interval: 60
    rejoin_interval: 360
    player_save: 15
    show_interval: 5
    delete_cache: 180
    default: 4
    Members: 5
    Admins: 6
    novice: 1
    apprentice: 10
    trained: 20
    professional: 50
    veteran: 100
    expert: 250
    master: 500
    grandmaster: 1000
    type: file
    user: user
    pass: password
    database: sql
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    language: english
    usePerms: false
    multiWorld: false
    payment_type: money
    payment_mod: vault
    log_mod: none
    pay_scale: 5
    xp_modifier: 10
    pay_spawners: false
    spawn_distance: 8
    nopitch: false
    prune: false
    version: 3100
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