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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by ledhead900, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Hey guys love the idea behind this btw.

    Just wondering thos since we will be migrating from Hmod how MUCH of this is going to effect the way plugins work now for example will config's from plugins form Hmod NEVER work with this and server oweners would have to redfine the lot, ect,ect.

    As I dont know anything about codeing but I would assume most of the hooks currently around will be in this so I would think that a plugin dev would need only change the core to work with this platform ect.

    Also is there any chance you guys are working on away to make migrating from Hmod easier as in the groups setup ect how much of this is going to be different.

    I understand the CORE of this is completely new and thats bloody good thing. I just a little concerned about what sort of server rebuilding are we talking about here.

    bla bla bla usesless information removed! see my second post!
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    Now what was your point again?
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    well if you want a simple point I'm just interested to find out how migrating to this is going to go. From Hmod
    and if there was anything that could be done that would make it any simpler "less time consumeing"
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    You will find it will be even easier than hmod to do plugins with. And how it works is pretty much the same.
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    I wonder if they will add something were you can just type in a command and it will automatically download an addon and start it.
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    That would be a really nice feature. REALLY NICE.
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    A lot of things will be different, configuration files included, but this will only be a one-time commitment. I'm sure someone is going to write a converter though.

    This will definitely be a feature.
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    So you could just type a command ingame like /install or something and it would install the plugin in it base form without you having to edit any files?
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    I thought as much was just wondering HOW different thats all thanks for the reply, I don't think moving over will be much hassle once plugin devs get on board.
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