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    I think there should be an item, known as a speaker or amplifier, that connects to a jukebox through redstone wiring, and simply emits the same sound as the jukebox. Using this, you would be able to make an entire room have musc playing, instead of the now small area.

    It would be a lot easier than placing multiple jukeboxes around a room and would sound a lot cleaner too.
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    Pretty sure this is impossible without a client-mod, because you are modding the way the blocks actually work. :/
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    maybe possible if you make a plugin that alows music to play out of jukeboxes at the same exact time with the same song that way it would act like speakers
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    It was an idea for both a plugin or a mod. I just felt like posting it on here.
  5. Why not simply make a connection between jukeboxes and when one get's a disk all start to play it? That shouldn't be to hard to code. :)

    //EDIT: I had a look into this, not 100% sure if it's possible but I'll do my best. :)

    //EDIT²: Okay guys, the easyest way is to pull out a redstone signal when a disk get's inserted. The code still exists and works. :D
    But there is a problem: I would make it so that jukeboxes start playing when they receive a redstone signal, but: They don't know which song. :(

    So I could make that they start the yellow disk and that's it
    I could make a sign where you write the song number to, which replaces the receiver jukeboxes completely
    I could completely rewrite the code so that there are "jukebox networks" which activate/deactivate together but that would make the redstone useless...

    What do you want?
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    Amazing, whatever you think is best.
    I like the idea of redstone connecting the two jukeboxes
    Is there a way to reconize what sound is playing? I assume not..
  7. I didnt found a way till now... Maybe in craftbukkit but I think that would need better skills than mine.
    Again the possibilities (my english is not the best, maybe it was a bit confusing):
    1. You put a disk in any connected box (it would be possible to connect more than two boxes) and all start the yellow disk (or the green, but not exactly the one inserted)
    2. You make a sign, wite a song number to it (if I remember correctly minecraft has more than two songs, till now it uses just one... :D) and connect jukeboxes as speakers. Then you could start/stop playing with a click on the sign (maybe start/stop = leftclick, change song = rightclick).
    3. Wirelessly connected jukeboxes that have to be grouped in some way (maybe like:
    /jukebox network
    [click on all boxes]
    /jukebox finish) ... but wait, forget this, there is still the error that we don't know which disk is inserted, we only know that there is one...

    So again: 1 or 2? :D
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  9. So the data value from the disk is the song? To bad I started the idea with the sign... ;)

    //EDIT: Of the jukebox? Not true, I tested it and every disk gave 1...
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    I think

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