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    Plugin category: FUN

    Minecraft version: Latest Release

    Suggested name:

    What I want: I want a plugin that re-creates the fun gameplay of the TF2 game mode Saxton Hale. One player has lots of health and has leaping ability and does massive amounts of damage (2 hits usually for a death). Also the players get classes to help them take down hale. I'd like it to be a per world plugin which means it can run on a server with other game modes. Also I'd like it to be automated and be able to change maps (lobby system). It would be cool if you could set up arenas.

    Ideas for commands: /hale help, /hale create arena, /hale delete arena, /hale vote (map), /hale edit (map), /hale join, /hale leave, /hale kit (or signs or something)

    Ideas for permissions: hale.join (allows players to join), hale.createarena, hale.deletearena, hale.vote.(map), hale.edit.(map), hale.kit.(kit)

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday
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    You still need to tell us how you want to configure the items the Hale has, how to configure other peoples stuff, how to configure the spawn points in an arena, etc etc etc
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