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  2. Stick with YAML

  1. Right now, many people are using YAML for their config files, and at least to me, it seems very confusing and not very efficient. JSON, however, is neat. :)

    So would you server owners like to config plugins using JSON or YAML.
  2. @Link_Awesomesause
    Yaml is actually pretty cool.
    1. It better visually, as you don't have worry about brackets, making it easier to read.
    2. While JSON, in some situations, can support duplicate paths, while YAML will never support them. (This is a good thing)
    3. JSON does not directly reference anything, so it is harder to serialize objects.
    4. Yamls It also has the ability to have JSON within the file, though this is rarely used.
  3. YAML Parsing is just so damn confusing, iterating through arrays is much easier in JSON, there are various JSON Linters that make data easily readable. And you apparently can't use tabs in YAML.
  4. @Link_Awesomesause
    Yeah, indentation is tricky. That's why having parsers and creators are important, instead of manually writing out each line.
  5. JSON dosent need tab spaces, and depends on brackets instead, making each section easily understandable, Im taling from the POV of the users of the plugin, who configure it, not the preogrammer
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    I prefer YAML because it is more intuitive.

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