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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JaCo1776, Jun 11, 2011.

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    I am currently trying to set up a server so I can have some friends that can play with me across the internet. I have it set up to allow non premium users, which they are. They sign in to their minecraft account, and they can join my server. When they do their name is "Player". So I figured whatever the next one will be "Player1" or what not. But when my other friend joins he gets the name Player and it kicks my other friend. And vice versa when they each join. My question is this: Can I or they change their names on my server to something other than Player?

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    What do you mean non premium? If you're referring to cracked versions, shame on you.
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    no cracked versions...just over LAN
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    Yes, he means cracked versions.

    Shame on you and your friends for using pirated versions of a $20 game. You don't deserve any support from anyone if you don't buy the game.
  6. Buy the game and all of your problems with connecting will be solve. It's totally worth it.
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    I'm sorry, I had been searching for a while on the internet and wasn't thinking clearly...

    I am not looking for cracked versions at all. My friend is looking to buy the game so we can play online. He is not sure so I was checking if he could play online to try without purchasing. I had read about allowing non-premium users, but now I see they were referring to using cracked versions (not what I wanted). Then I found changing the offline-mode to false in the system properties and it has allowed him to try it and he'll be buying it very soon :)

    Sorry for any confusion I caused
  8. In file make sure online-mode=true is set to false.

    Sure, but we are not here to judge.
  9. Makes sense too the whole try before you buy (like renting a game) anyways give the guy some slack and I just helped someone on another thread HERE with it. hope that helps :)
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    There are no more cracked versions...
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    Yes there is (torrented) it's by a guy who's a plugin developer for bukkit, has 2 words as his username and has previously made an authentication plugin designed for server's in offline mode, now his plugin is inactive.
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