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    Plugin Category: Admin

    Suggested Name: JoinGenerator

    What I want: For this plugin, whenever a new player joins the server, the plugin will generate a new line in a txt file telling you in this format: "<PLAYERNAME> : <DATE>". Eg. "Wish495 : 20-4-11" 20-4-11 is 20th April 2011.
    If possible, every month will generate data that can be transported to iOS app 'Pages' to be turned into a fancy 3D graph.

    Commands: None

    Permissions: joingenerator.dontgen - Makes the player with this permission not generate a new line in the txt
    joingenerator.dogen - Makes the player generate a new line in the txt

    When I'd like it done by: Within 2 months, just want something like this for my server reports, that I make monthly
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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