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    Ethan Rocks 365

    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Jobs++

    What I want: I want a jobs plugin. However I have a special way I want it to work. So, there are 5 jobs, miner, lumberjack, hunter, farmer, and slayer. So I have put to gather some pastes and tables with some info!

    RankName: argument for this rank used in /job arg player
    -/cmd - what it does

    Lumber jack: wood
    -/wood - takes all the wood(logs) of all types in the players inv and gives them $1 per block
    Miner: mine
    -/coal - takes all coal and gives them $1 per lump and $9 per block and $2 per ore.
    -/iron - takes all iron(ore and ingots) and gives them $6 per ore block and $2 per ingot and $18 per block
    -/gold - takes all gold(ore and ingots) and gives them $2 per ore block and $1 per ingot and $9 per block
    -/diamond - takes all diamond (ore and ingot(or gem) and gives them $20 per block and $10 per gem and $90 per block

    Farmer: farm
    -/wheat - takes all wheat from players inventory and gives them $5 per bundle(idk what to call it xD)
    Hunter: hunt
    commands: None for this one
    special feature: gets $4 per animal they kill and $8 per monster
    Slayer: slayer
    commands: None for this rank
    special feature: get $10 per player kill
    Ideas for commands: /job {job} {player} e.g. /job slayer Ethan Rocks 365
    job specific commands above. They are highlighted.
    Ideas for permissions: job.give - permission to do /job args player

    When I'd like it by: Soon :D
  2. Ill start on this project . However, ingots should sell for more as they have to smelt the ore. For things like coal the ore would sell more because you'd have to use silk touch where as for iron you get the ore anyway :)
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    Seems familliar to Jobs
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    Ethan Rocks 365

    Thanks! Feel free to adjust the prices. Btw I use iConomy if you u need to know that
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    It does not matter if you use iConomy. All economy plugins should use Vault.
  6. Ok cool as long qas ieconomy works I'll use it (obviously it would would work for any plugin as I'm using vault). About to start on some bug testing with my friend, won't be long
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    Ethan Rocks 365

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    Ethan Rocks 365

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