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    Hello, I own a small CityRP server however we are missing a plugin that I either cant find or doesn't exist. I am looking for a plugin where you can type /jobs for example and then you would see a list of jobs available for example Police, Soldier, Lawyer etc. and then you could select the one you want and it would show up as your Prefix. I don't care if the jobs actually make anything happen but it would be nice for players to have the prefix for role-play purposes. so I imagine it wouldn't be to hard to create.

    as another example you would do the fallowing.


    and then you would see a list off jobs available


    and then you could do something like

    /jobs select Soldier

    and in the chat if you said something it would say (im going to just use my name as an example)

    [Soldier]Dragon_12dk: Hello world

    and then something like
    /jobs leave

    and it would go back to normal like

    Dragon_12dk: Hello World

    Thank you for reading :D

    Also if I could change the list of available jobs in a Config that would be nice.
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    I think I see what you're saying...

    You could try giving players permissions for your rank system, but only allow them to rank themselves up to the job ranks.
    If you would like a new plugin respond. It seems simple enough.

    Also, what permissions plugin do you use?
  3. Do you want jobs like woodcutter, who then gets money for woodcutting, or just jobs which sets an prefix for you?
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    that would be cool but i would want it to be very customizable (where you can add and delete jobs) so that might not work. but other than that the Prefix feature is the main goal :D thanks for replying

    A new plugin would be best :)

    also the permissions plugin I use is called PermissionsEX

    thank you for the reply :)

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    Still looking for Coders :/ :oops:
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    Still looking for a coder :/ anyone know java?
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    Thanks for the reply, however I have seen this before and it says

    PermissionsEX - PermissionsEX is inherently flawed, breaks Bukkit. Test with another permission manager first, chances are the issue is specific to PEX.

    And PEX is the permission plugin I currently use, so I wouldn't want to break bukkit...
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    Try it anyway, when it says it may break Bukkit it does not mean that your folder will explode, all data will be thrown over your room and then the forums explode etc.

    What will happen is the server will get an error! :p
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    I can probably set this up for you. Will you just want the use to have a prefix or would you want them to actually join a PEx group?

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