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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by auntjemima1, May 29, 2012.

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    i want to make the Jobs plugin work. It is just called jobs. it is a well known plugin. I want it do that players can get payed and everything. if u can help me out, could you make me a configuration file at that would be so helpful

    some specifications i want are:
    if you go to this link you can see an examply configuration. please use all the same jobs and specifications that this one uses. I TRIED COPY AND PASTING WHOLE THING BUT IT DIDNT WORK!

    the only thing i want you to change from the example is the pay. i want decent pay. pretty decently high, so think of a reasonable pay if most things in shop average to like 100 dollars. like cheap stuff for cobble and basic, and 500-60-700 being most for stuff. keep those prices in mind. choose the pay from that. thanks for this if u help me out!!!

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    Can't you do it yourself? It's pretty simple, just replace "income: 5.0" with the number of your choice.
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    Laziness is intoxicating.
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    haha guys. Retricide billofbong
    actually, i also needed help cuz when i compy pasted the config from the example, i copied the whole thing and i got error in line 13(Jobs) and line 455(something) in the oarentheses are what was the workd in that column i cant remember the lin 455 one i thnk it was brewer
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