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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by NuclearW, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Our Jenkins build site is currently unavailable due to high load.

    While it is down, you may download the latest RB from here.
    You may also download the latest 1.1 development non-recommended build from here.

    For developers only: You may download the latest version of the Bukkit API here

    We apologize for the lack of an immediate post about this matter, and hope to have Jenkins available again soon.
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    When should this be working?
    Is this what you need to run a craftbukkit server? I asked because (as you can see) I am new to craftbukkit..

    And also, it says:

    Access Denied

    Captain-Phillis is missing the Read permission

    Did I do something or is it like that for everyone since Jenkins is down?
  3. Nope, we all got it. I think that's what the problem is.
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    Ok thanks!
    Do you happen to know when it will come back on?
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    That's not the problem, it's the solution. They're declining everyone except important people read access, to not strain the server.
  6. Nope. That's what we're here to discuss.
    Really? You're calling blocking almost everyone from the server a "solution"? For us, it might as well be 404'd. That's not a solution, that's a stopgap. It's a kludge. And it's not helpful if you're not an "important person".
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    Don't assume, there can be many reasons for this to happen, thanks.
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    Ok, then why not come out and say the real reason why its been offline so long?
  9. You do know that they're not obligated to do squat, right? They don't owe you an explanation, and it's only by their good grace that you could download the server software at all.

    Granted, PR isn't their strong point and people wouldn't be so indignant if they weren't being so tightlipped. But it'll be up when it's up, regardless (and in spite of) of your badgering.

    The point is they might not know why it's been offline so long. Or they might be already actioning their recuperation, which is being slowed down by your indignance. High traffic can put all sorts of horrors on a server, and there's no need for you to be so insolent about what could be a simple recovery phase.
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    If we turn it back on, it will be hit with high load again. Which will then bring down the forums, forcing us to take down Jenkins again. That's why it has been down so long.
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    When the official version will appear for 1.1? I posted in error to the first post.
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    hi im just trying to updata my minecraft server but its not working im new to updataing so could someone tell me what to do please
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    They will be forced to run things a little better once spout is ready sometime this year.
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    Statements take some time to prepare, but everything that has already been said is 'the real reason'. Nonetheless, I've posted a statement on the status of Jenkins and our plans for the future:
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    Take all the time you need. And once again thank you for active support with bukkit and the bukkit crew for creating it.
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    Guys.. I downloaded the Non-Recommended.. and it ruined my world.... Under the surface, only the ores, lava and water exist. all the normal stones (1 in ID) are gone. Do you know how i can fix this? My server was soooo close to go public.. but.. i messed up, real bad.. please help asap
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    It's a problem with a certain Spout build and Bukkit. Update your Spout and Bukkit to the latest and the problem shouldn't happen again (Your map won't return to normal though... Use WE to regen chunks if its minor)
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    The currently newest build should be 1795 in the old system.
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    I only get blank pages with HTTP 400 Bat request as reply here Firefox/Chrome or Wget:
    wget -vvv
    [1] 20654
    [2] 20655
    [3] 20656
    $ --2012-01-21 14:33:51--
    Connecting to||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 400 Bad Request
    2012-01-21 14:33:51 ERROR 400: Bad Request.
  20. Holy shit, that happened to me the other day. It was my creative world and one of my survival worlds, and I was ready to flip a bitch. Fortunately, my GUI schedules Sundaily backups. I could save all of the structures people had built to live and work in as WorldEdit schematics and revert the world back some three or four days.
    Strange thing is, though, that it only did it under parts that were high-traffic for users, like cities and the world spawn area. Never under wilderness (unless it was well-travelled and close to a habitat). It was uncannily specific.
    My advice is just to grab a backup if you have one, save the structures, copy the backups over, and paste the saved structures back in. Or save the structures and //regen the mangled chunks if you have no backups.

    What makes you say that? The service has been pretty good so far, and I've noticed only this one hiccup. One hiccup and suddenly everyone is comparing these folks to Nazis, or something.
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    please create craftbukkit for minecraft 12w03a plzzzz
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    I downloaded the Dev build of CraftBukkit 1.1, and when I change the bat, it get's the "Can't find path" error. So I saw that I should just change the name of the Dev build to the 1.0.1 build. I've done that, but it still gets that same error. (I've just switched computers, from a netbook to a regular sized laptop. I know next to nothing on stuff like this, I have more knowledge of installing plugins, :p.) Would someone mind please replying to me? All help appreciated!
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    I dont see you accepting anything bukkit does for you. All your doing is wanting, how about letting them do what they need to hmm?

    Thats why they say back up first..

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    You could've just made a back-up folder.
    Or you could've been patient and waited for the recommended download, thats why it says "Recommended."
    Why'd you even get the Non-Recommended anyway? He even said it will ruin your world..
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    I love bukkit, I'm glad you guys are still up and running :)
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    When I run it via Run.bat, It says "Outadet server".
    I have java 6 and I used the right code
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    You need to wait until it releases an actual RB. It says "Non-Recommended" build...
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    when will it come up again?
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    The bukkit staff is considering to get a different build system, so maybe jenkins won't "come back". The jar files and the source are still available as well
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    How long it is the the RB is coming out?
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    I don't know? Just give it time.
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