Jenkins - Maven - and Bukkit Repo fail

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by eccentric_nz, Jun 4, 2014.

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    I have made a ticket for this already (, but hoping somebody has a solution in the interim...

    When trying to build a Bukkit plugin on my Jenkins server the build fails.

    Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.bukkit:bukkit:jar:1.7.2-R0.2:
    Could not transfer artifact org.bukkit:bukkit:pom:1.7.2-R0.2 from/to Bukkit Official (
    Failed to transfer file:
    Return code is: 503, ReasonPhrase: Service Temporarily Unavailable. -> [Help 1]
    I got a screen grab from my iPad when accessing, which I think is the reason why Maven is failing...


    I think this is due to some DDOS service associated with Cloudflare as a page pops up in the web browser when clicking the link to the associated pom (it disappears after a few seconds, then the pom is displayed - so not a connectivity issue).

    I have 880+ successful builds of this plugin before today, and it also fails on my local machine via Netbeans build.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The problem is not with DNS, I can browse to the file as stated in the OP. The problem is that Maven doesn't seem to be able to get past the CloudFlare DDoS protection service as it is not a browser, and so the server returns the error.

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