Java SE 8 has been released! What version do you develop in?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Weasel_Squeezer, Mar 18, 2014.

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    Oracle have finally released OpenJDK 8! There are so many amazing features to both the JVM and the language itself, and I honestly think, this is one of the biggest and most important Java version updates. Unfortunately though, it will be at least another year before Java 8 is widely used, but maybe Java 6 is finally EOL? What do you guys think? Can we finally stop developing in java 6? What are your thoughts on the new version?

    EDIT: Here is a good quick tutorial on the important language additions in java 8
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    I develop in Java 7. Never had any issues with my plugins. Doubt that there will be many server owners updating to Java 8 already so yea
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    I've heard lambdas are a popular new feature in SE 8, but SE 7 will not become obsolete.
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    I'll be updating for sure! But you are right. Not too many people even know of the new version. I want to start using it so badly! At least I can develop private plugins in SE 8.

    Ya Lambda's are a very awesome! As well as Streams which have been implemented by Collections to greatly simplify common iteration tasks and also to make things like sorting large collections much more efficient with ParallelStream's
    I posted a link to a good quick tutorial on the major additions to the language in the OP.
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    I still need to stick with Java6, as Bukkit sticks with Java6.
    And Bukkit sticks to Java6 because Minecraft sticks to Java6. A devils circle. :(

    I actually used Java7 on some private plugins and will most likely start to use Java8 for them as soon as possible.
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    Been using JDK8; let me tell you that once you start using lambda's, it's very hard trying not to use them.
    That and also default methods in interfaces.
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