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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by nintendofanthr33, Apr 2, 2011.

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  1. I'm suddenly getting this error, i dont know how. it randomly appears upon connection. no one can connect to the server.

    I'm using bukkit 556
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    need more details..

    that error usually means they cannot see your server at all.
  3. Ok, well. One day i was hosting a server at my house (24/7) it worked fine.

    Then all the sudden no, not even i can connect. i type in (The computer that holds the server)

    I did NOT change any settings since it turned off automatically, it has a connection to the internet (Of course)

    it had CraftBukkit 556 installed.
    over 40 plugins

    and yes.

    I dont really have anything else to say. No one, not even i can connect. i honestly dont know what the problem is.
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    Dude ok so I had this problem, and normally my port forwarding was set to 60155>100. But I typed ip config and my internal adress was!
    After changing my port forwarding to 60155> 101 TCP the problem was solved.

    Check and recheck all ip and port forwarding settings and try again, something may have changed
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