Java 6 vs Java 7: What does your server run on?

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Which version of Java does your server run on?

  1. Java 6 (e.g. version "1.6.0_33")

  2. Java 7 (e.g. version "1.7.0_07")

  3. I don't know / can't find out

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    I'm a plugin developer and I want to know what version of Java most Bukkit servers are running on so that my plugins will be compatible.

    I've been compiling all of my plugins for Java 7 so far since that's what's installed on my development environment. However I'm aware that this is not backwards-compatible with Java 6, so I'm wondering if it's worth setting up a Java 6 build environment.

    If you don't know what version of Java you're on but you have access to your server's command line, try running "java -version" without the quotes. The response should contain a version number beginning with either "1.6" for Java 6 or "1.7" for Java 7.

    If your server is with a server host and you don't know what version of Java they run, answer "I don't know".
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    Java JDK 7u9.

    Java 7 is better optimized than Java 6. While you should develop plugins for Java 6 for best compatibility, Java 7 is preferred for running a server.
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    It might sound a bit rude, but whoever is still running a Minecraft server with Java 6 lives in medi-evil. Java 7 has been declared feature-complete two years ago...

    Saying, that someone needs Java 6 in order to run older Software on the same machine, is a lame excuse: it's no problem to run different versions of the JVM at the same time.

    From the perspective of a developer I must say that Java 7 makes many things easier: try-with-ressources, case based on Strings (I was forced to use an "enum-mapper" for this before Java 7), instantiation of Generics using a diamond ("<>").

    And I'm already looking forward to Lambda-expressions in Java 8!
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    We use openjdk 7.
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    My server runs on Java 7, however I still compile my plugins with Java 6. People who run their servers on mac will not have easy access to Java 7 which kinda screws them over a little bit even though they shouldn't be running a server on mac in the first place(I did it for 7 months, I don't recommend it...).
    EDIT: Updated macs should have Java 7 now, since I have Lion and a update I installed a few weeks ago secretly installed java 7 on my machine, which Im happy about I guess.
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    I don't think it's too bad, although I will be switching to Windows7 when I order my new hardware.

    But yes, many Macs are still running Java 6 unless they've purchased Mountain Lion.
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    Always update my Oracle Java7 :)
    I don't think I've tried a server on Java6 yet, although it isn't something I want to try.
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    Java 7, because of its better GC.

    If you build using Java 6 you will achieve greater compatibility, but you really shouldn't have to because (correct me if I'm wrong) Java 6 is nearing its EOL anyway.
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    IIRC I've been using openjdk-7 (with a bunch of GC flags, I've been messing around with these for a while).

    I'm using 32 bit though due to my downsize to a small VPS.
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    Java 7 for the win.
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    @TerrorBite for NoCheatPlus we always use JDK6 from oracle because the better compatibility of course...

    Anyways if you don't use any new features from Java7 then I would recommend you to compile with java6, so everyone can run your plugins (expecting users with Java 1.5.....).

    For server owners I highly recommend to use Java7 because it really gives a performance boost, same applies for the clients users.
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    Java 7 undoubtedly runs better. However, seeing as there aren't that many significant features that make compiling in Java 7 better, it's generally a better idea to compile in Java 6 so that anybody who's still ON Java 6 (which is actually more people than you'd think) will still be able to run it.
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    At home, I run Java 7. My server I do not have control over which JRE my server uses, so for now its stuck at Java 6. I always compile for Java 6.
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    I use java 7 on my server. and java 6 when i code.(Will probably change to jave 7 soon)
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    Sorry, I'm kinda new to this. How do I update my linux server's java to 7? will it be backwards compatible?
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    We're recently updated to JAVA 7, It gave a really big performance boost!

    Also our dev likes to compile against java 7, donno why.
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    Java 7 on server and usually coding. I encountered Java 5 or lower yesterday on someone's server. Neither the java 6 or java 7 versions would work on it. Host updated it for me though.
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    Java 6 for me. Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
    I'm just hosting the server myself for the time being, but soon I'll get a Java 7 server.

    The problem with Lion and Mountain Lion, imo, is that they plain suck, I hate literally everything about those versions, they took some of my most used options away and replaced them with useless crap. Also they added awful crap nobody needs and only makes machines slower, so yeah, I'll be stuck on Java 6.
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    Home: Oracle Java 7 (Linux)
    Server: Oracle Java 7 (Linux)
    Compiling: Oracle Java 6 (Linux)

    A question: What java version do the big minecraft server hoster use? like multicraft or nitrado in germany? Because they can not update their java version, so they are forced to use the old one if there is one.

    Really would like to compile with java 7, because of the new feature, but want to keep the compitability. Btw bukkit compiler still with java 5 doesnt it?

    oh and Linux FTW!
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    I think I remember a comment were bukkit went back to java 5 or something but I'm not sure. I guess it makes sense since MC is also compiled in Java 5.
    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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    JDK 7 (64-bit) Just because i can.

    Yes Linux FTW, planing on running up MC bukkit into a OpenSUSE enviro
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    Oracle Java 7 JRE b10.
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    I updated from Java 6 to Java 7 about a week ago and I haven't noticed any real difference.
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    Can somebody please give me a guide on how to update. I've been battling for ages
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    Java7 all the way. I just installed it then point minecraft to it in my init.d script. Easiest way i think.
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    Please tell me how
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    I honestly have no idea which one my Kubuntu is running. I have open JDK 6 & open JDK 7.
    It runs vanilla MC for LAN play. (i have a windows 7 that runs Java 7 for my bukkit)
    By default, what JDK will it run?
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    PluginMetrics tracks this kind of data, so I know that 7-13 percent of servers that run my plugins use Java 6. Therefore, all of my plugins are compiled with JDK 6. Simple as that.

    In either case, Java 8 is coming out quite soon. JDK 8 is already available, I think.

    Charly_ZA Let Me Google That For You.
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    J(DK) 7. Servers that still run Java 6 really should update to Java 7, especially since it's a newer and (hopefully!) more reliably system than Java 6. Plus, Java 6 is getting near to its EOL.

    TBH, people who still use Java 6 for their server need to update to Java 7 (or in the case of OS X, update to an OS X release which supports J7) so they can actually support plugins compiled on the newer software.
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    Do you take me for an idiot? I spent ages Googling and searching around but I found nothing. Try search "update java on ubuntu 32 bit"
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