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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by theSimsas, Feb 6, 2015.

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    Hello guys. So i'm creating a Minecraft server that contains with drugs. So what i want is that when a Policeman types in /jailstick it will spawn a jail stick. So when a policeman gets a stick he can check players for drugs. So when a policeman right clicks player with a stick, players inventory would pop out and if a policeman see that player have drugs on him he would just click on a drug in his inventory and the player that haves a drugs would get jailed and all the drugs would be confiscated by a policeman. I hope u understood what i have in mind. :) Thanks for reading.
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    @theSimsas Word of advice: You'll be given a wide berth if you put solely a video as your description. Even a tl;dr worthy post is better than a video, because videos are annoying. It's not specifically against the rules, but it's unlikely you'll get responses other than this one.
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    I can take this on, I'll post it here when it's ready​
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    Thanks dude. <3
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    @theSimsas Do not 'Bump' when your plugin request is being made. Thanks :D
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    @theSimsas And do not Bump with in 24h thanks :)
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    IMO bumping and just replying to someone are 2 different things.
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