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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by bingoberraz, Jul 7, 2015.

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    Ofc, no problem. Take your time. But I hope the /jackpot cancel will work aswell, please :D

    EDIT (minor bug) : The actual winnings you get from winning this round is $380 but /jackpot info shows that you win $400 because thats how much I deposited. This is not very hard to fix I hope? It is because I use %5 tax.

    Just one thing.. Is it really random? I've won 30* times in a row with %50 when my friend also had %50. How is this possible? :eek: We tried with other values and they seem to add up... But not this :eek:

    When three have the same chance to win, I always win. When they have the same chance to win, one of them always win over the other one.
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    Okey done. You can download it here. Let's hope not buggy now. Please delete the plugin's folder, or at least the config.yml inside, so it can regenerate. Fixed the chance bug, I was so idiot when made it. If you wouldnt deposit same, so for example 51$ and 49$ it would work well, but when same amount then it bugs. NVM, fixed the bugs.
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    Works like a charm. Thanks! Seems like everything is fixed.

    I found out one permission atleast, so I guess they're "jackpot.deposit, jackpot.reload, jackpot.cancel"?

    Thank you very much for this plugin.
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    Yes, you found out the permissions :D And you're welcome.
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    I don't think the color codes are compatible with 1.8, and the server crashed. :eek: But I will upgrade to 1.8.7 today.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Color codes always work.
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    I don't really know the differences between versions. I'm not sure at all how could I fix it, and I use 1.7.2, so couldn't really test it aswell, but if you want I can give it a try.
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    All I know is that.. There was no color on
    I will test it on my 1.8.7 server today, but another feature if you have time? "/jackpot deposit all" This would go ALL IN, it deposits all your money. If there is like 5 sek left on the round and you don't have time to use /bal, /money or there is too many numbers in the balance (won't probably happen but, its a nice thing tho).

    This is how it looks. What is the issue here?

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