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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by bingoberraz, Jul 7, 2015.

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    Name: Jackpot

    I would like to request a Jackpot plugin where there is a round of "jackpot" and everyone has the chance to deposit how much money they would like. These will equal to their chance of winning!

    Category: Fun (/ Economy)

    Notch: /jackpot deposit 60
    Steve: /jackpot deposit 30
    Bingoberraz: /jackpot deposit 10
    Explanation: Notch has a 60% of winning, Steve 30% and me 10%. The pot should not be limited. If one person goes in with $50.000 he is most likely to win. You get the point!

    /jackpot cancel - This should return all money to their owners which is currently in the pot.

    Permissions: - Can use /jackpot deposit
    jackpot.reload - Can use /jackpot reload - Reload configuration, also run cancel first.
    jackpot.cancel - Can use /jackpot cancel -

    I would also like that more than two persons can enter each round. But maybe configurable how many in config?

    Edit 1: The round should be limited to a certain time: 1-2 Minutes, maybe configurable?

    Feel free to come with own ideas how to make this good! Im not entirely sure what you can create. :D
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    Is this even possible? Bump
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    This is not the same thing. Maybe I didn't explain good enough or you didn't understand..

    I want it to work like If its advertisement, remove it. Thanks! :)
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    I think I could makwe this plugin, just currently I'm busy. I could start making the plugin about at July 16, if that's not too late for you. But I have some questions: When the round starts? When s1 deposits money? How much money can you win? The summ of the deposited amounts? /jackpot cancel would be an admin command?
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    You understood it perfectly well. Exacty.

    They win the whole pot and /jackpot cancel would be a admin command. Also I would like the "house" to take a configurable amount of the pot each round, or set it to a static value of 5%! :)

    This 5% will disappear from the pot. It can go into a different account called jackpot(possible?) or it will just disappear. :D
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    Is the time okey for you? I mean can you wait?

    And the 5% should be taken down from the pot? Just because it can lead to problems. Eg.: Player 1 deposits 99$, Player 2 deposits 1$. With 99% chance Player 1 will win, but he gets only 95$ so he loses 4$.
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    Yea its a tax for playing. :) Set a minimum deposit of like 50 (configurable?). I can wait. :)

    And yea, if he does that. He will lose money :D

    A thing would be to only start the Jackpot roundtime when there is atleast two player in the pot.
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    Ok, I got it. I'll make it as soon as I can.
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    If this plugin works out as planned, it will be amazing! Thank you.
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    Notice this senpai, bumperino
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    @bingoberraz I started making the plugin but I have got a question. Do you use Vault, and if yes which version?
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    Yes I do. Does it matter which version?
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    Umm, not really, just I wanted to go for sure. But then nvm. I'm going well with it, tomorrow I'll be done, test for bugs and can upload. But it would be pretty good if you could do some test after me too, because I can test only alone, and it works with more people.
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    Yes I test it out on my server. Thanks! Let us hope this work out as planned :D
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    I'm done. You can download it here. I tested all the things I could test alone, but there may be bugs. So just test carefully, and tell me if you find a bug.
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    From a design perspective, there are more effective drains you can put on a server's gold economy. If people are able to gamble away $5000, with your plugin, the server only drains $250. All of this on top of the fact that this game would heavily favor the rich getting richer, and Random Number Gee-sus getting a few more unnecessary prayers.

    My favored method for draining gold is running auctions for items or equipment - potentially abandoned equipment from cleared bases, so that the resources they used aren't lost to the world.

    A few variations you can run for greater effect
    Chest Auction: Instead of single items, you get a chest of items delivered to your house/base/town/faction
    Custom item Auctions: Take a sword, enchant it with Sharpness V, Power V, etc. and just see how much you can get for it.

    Blind Auction: Players bid on unknown items/chests
    Shell Game Auction: Items are arranged in chests so that one box is significantly more valuable - and they know it, but not which one. Flaunt the items in the winning chest, and watch them place their bets with their precious money

    Buy-in Auction - In order to join the auction, players are required to pay in up front - increases the pressure to win stuff, and gets a more competitive auction
    All-in Auction - Players that bid in the auction commit a portion of their bid, win or lose. A bid of $1000 loses $250 still if they don't win, and walk away empty handed. High rollers only - use good items as bait.

    Mix and Match to build the money pit you need, and players have a medium to compete. Not only that, but money winds up meaning even more when you do it that way.
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    If you are unlucky, you lose all. :)

    I have crates aswell, that you open with keys, which you buy or achieve through voting or such.

    This is mainly for the fun of it, but at the same time take some gold :D

    ( Remove this post if you want, need the post under cause of notification to him. )
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    Sorry for the late reply, I was away and just got home! First thing I did was to test this. :)

    I have tested it and I found some bugs:,

    First I would like when you only type /jackpot it will show help stuff. Like /jackpot deposit, /jackpot info ( This will display the current pot). I would like it to show the info about /jackpot reload and /jackpot cancel aswell. Thanks!

    The {chance} doesn't work. Here is a picture of what's happening after 2 people type /jackpot deposit 200 and the other type /jackpot deposit 1000!

    Also it seems like it doesn't take any money from your balance when you do it?

    Also it seems like it does allow any amount of money to be deposited, even lower than minimum!

    Also is there any permissions I can look over?
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    Bump, are you alive my friend? :D
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    Yea, sorry mate, just currently I'm pretty busy. I'll try to fix my bugs as soon as I can, but I can't promise anything :/
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    Maybe you can let someone take over? I can wait.
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    If anyone wants to takeover he(she) can take over. Even I can give the source code.
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    But you are a good coder :( Please fix it when you have time <3
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    Okey, I'll try as soon as I can. Maybe I can do it on Friday.
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    Alright, thanks! :) I hope u get time
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    @bingoberraz Okey I'm done. You can download it here. Please still report any little bug you find.
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    So good, so far! Amazing :) I just need to test if the config works! What are the permissions btw? Or can I find them in the config? THANK YOU.

    No bugs so far! Will test on actual server now.

    Found something! If you cancel the game WHEN it has started, (It works if only 1 has deposited) it makes this error:

    It just keeps going! The countdown doesn't stop. But the money gets returned to the players! :)

    Btw, if its not too hard maybe you could add "maxdeposit" aswell? Just for the feature of it.. Haha

    Also, can you make the /jackpot info messages configurable? Or just change the % location to infront of <chance>. Thanks :D

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    @bingoberraz Okey I'll. I was too tired to create another config message, but if you want of course I can create it. Tomorrow I'll do it.
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