Jackhammer and Laser enchant

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Amandusjf, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Prison

    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: JackhammerAndLaserEnchant

    What I want:
    a plugin to get the jackhammer and laser enchant on a pickaxe via command. if you dont know what theese two enchants is, jackhammer is a enchant where there is a chance (depending on what level you have of the enchant) that it will remove a whole layer horizontally of a prison mine, the Laser enchant is the same but instead of horizontally its vertical. i need this to effect all blocks but bedrock. i want theese enchants to be able to be as high as possible. though i am wanting 100 levels of each enchant to be max if that is possible. theese enchants can also be added to any type of pickaxe. this would also be displayed as a lore as all other vanilla enchants do. this plugins commands needs to be able to be run through console aswell as players

    Ideas for commands:
    /jal reload
    (reloads the plugin)

    /jal enchant (player) jackhammer +(enchant level)
    (adds (enchant level) of the jackhammer enchantment level to the (players) pickaxe in hand )
    example: /jal enchant 66one jackhammer +12

    /jal enchant (player) laser +(enchant level)
    (adds (enchant level) of the laser enchantment level to the (players) pickaxe in hand )
    example: /jal enchant 66one laser +21

    Ideas for permissions:
    jackhammerandlaser.reload (allows the player to reload the plugin)
    jackhammerandlaser.enchant.self (allows the player to enchant itself's item)
    jackhammerandlaser.enchant.other (allows the player to enchant other's item)

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible
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