I've searched for hotel plugins, and I can't find what I'm looking for

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    I apologize in advance if this plugin has already been made, but I was wondering if someone can make a simple hotel plugin with the following abilities:

    -With a few prompts on a sign next to a door, it turns a room into a hotel room.
    An example:

    Line 1: [Hotel]
    Line 2: Hotel Name [Polynesian]
    Line 3: Price for room [$200.00]
    Line 4: Amount of time [3d]

    -When the sign is created, it changes to look something like this:

    Line 1: Hotel Name [Polynesian]
    Line 2: Room # (Chronological order) [Room #1]
    Line 3: Price for room [$200.00]
    Line 4: "Vacant"

    -A player just needs to punch the sign to claim it.
    -When punched by a player, the sign will change to something like this:

    Line 1: Hotel Name [Polynesian]
    Line 2: Room # [Room #1]
    Line 3: Name of the player it's claimed by [grybo101] (maybe change the color so it's noticeable)
    Line 4: (Nothing)

    -When a room is claimed, no one else is allowed to open that door
    -Permissions for who can claim a room (I don't want my server's staff to be able to claim rooms."
    -Configurable amount of time until that person can rent a room again.

    I realize this may be a lot of work, and I want to thank anyone in advanced for attempting to create it. It would help my server out greatly. My examples are only ideas and requests, so if any of them aren't possible, or logical, or you feel like it should be changed, please let me know in the thread.
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    EDIT: I don't know how to make this, sorry.
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    We will be creating a separate plugin that hooks into our plugin SignShop, based off this request.
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    BuyRegion or SimpleRegionMarket and some serious WorldGuarding?
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    SimpleRegionMarket is good for this.
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    Heck yeah!
    finally, a fairly simple plugin that's not too difficult yet requires time. :D
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    Precious stones has this feature
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    Well, although this was requested nearly 5 months ago, we really liked the idea and built it. The plugin is called SignShopHotel and it requires the plugin SignShop. Enjoy!
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    i have just tried the signshophotel... ok... it is linked to door....but it does not link to region in room....so you cant place items.... (chest, bed, furnace, etc..., etc...)

    I like how the sign creation works... but how do I get past this problem????

    if the wand was used and a rg created then the door and sign created...can the information from the rg info be used to link the two together...so that when the renter uses the sign...they become member/owner/renter of that region for the time allocated

    1. create rg
    2. create sign
    3. link sign to door (which in this process will link the information of the rg in "clipboard" using /rg addmember

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