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    Don Redhorse


    I'm getting my feet wet in bukkit coding and next to keeping some plugins alive... MessageChanger (kinda) and DeathTpPlus I'm working on 2 other projects:

    First one is an ItemsAPI, with autoupdating items lists, translation / extenstion feature and an API.

    It is based on OddItems and SearchID... atm around 60% of the core is done, after that I need to write the API methods out.

    I will personally use it in other plugins but I would also hope some other programmers would use it, as it get rid of the need to update the items list all the time when there is a change.

    If you have some comments feel free to post them... if you would like to help me with a code review after I have version 0.2 finished you are very welcome.
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    This is awesome! I love the WIP section now ^^!
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    Don Redhorse

    thanks... need to get coding on it again.. just got a crash on something else which wasted 4 hours of work..
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