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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Raepheles, Sep 9, 2015.

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    I'm using cauldron 1.7.10 to play with friends because I have to use CustomNPCS mod and certain bukkit plugins. Lately somethings went wrong in the server. Eventho I didn't change anything at all CustomNPCS trader function became unstable. Basicly when you right click to trader npc a GUI pops up. Obviously it trades items for example it trades 2 coals and 1 oak wood for 1 diamond etc. When people try to buy that diamond it looks like it comes out of the slot also 2 coals and 1 oak wood disappears from the inventory for a less than second then everything turns back. This was just the start and it's not about mod.

    There are other bugs that I see. Some items don't stack. For example I have 4 gold ingots and 8 gold ingots when I try to stack them they become 12 and then break by themselves. Sometimes it drops the item to the ground. At CustomNPCS npcs can give you quests. There is quest where npc wants 5 potato from you let's say. Eventho I have 5 potato in my inventory quest doesn't finish. After a little search I found a thing called NBT Tag that I never heard before and thought maybe the problem is related to it.

    Then I upgraded the mod from 1.7.10b to 1.7.10c. At c version there is option for quest items and trade items called "Ignore NBT". Eventho I checked them the problem at quests and trades continue. I took the cauldron file and libraries and created new server. Then created a trader npc and it didn't seem there was a problem. Also I tried to delete all plugins and starting server the problem was still there. So maybe this bug (however it happened) changed some data inside world folder? I don't know what to do. I found a guy who had this problem after searching "minecraft items don't stack" at google who says that he solved his problem with a plugin called ItemTagFixer. I tried that it didn't change anything.

    These are the plugins and mods I use (there are couple more plugins and mods I use but problem started before I installed them so I didn't see any point at writing them)
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    unstackable items are usually ones that have different Lore data - names, etc, distinguishing one ingot from another.

    To be able to eliminate many factors, and evaluate how your server is starting, any warnings and red flags, any potentil version conflicts, please restart your server then pastebin your entire logs/latest.log as soon as it finishes booting up
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