ItemEffectsEnchanced 1.13.2 Potion Effect on items that work properly.

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    Plugin category: Combat/Items

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.13.2

    Suggested name: ItemEffectsEnchanced

    What I want: Potion effects that can be manually put onto items/tools/weapons/armor added in-game and can activate immediately when held in BOTH hands or just one hand that lasts infinitely (Lore may be added if needed) Potion effects that only activate when worn (Optional) Potion effects that apply to the enemy doesn't last forever through* (Optional)

    Ideas for commands: /padd <potion effect> <multiplier> <wearable?> (Does the effects only activate when worn?) <offhand on/off?> (Does the effects activate on the offhand?) *make sure when the player presses f the effects are activate like how they are suppose to do
    /premove <potion effect>
    /papplier <potion effect> <duration?>

    Ideas for permissions: itemseffect.padd

    When I'd like it by: As soon as the non optionals are done.

    The Issues with the other plugins?: Outdated doesn't work Also outdated and when item is put in offhand, effects don't apply Potion effects can't be added in-game and can be added only in config. Causes issues for my custom made items. Same issue as above Outdated and Effects are delayed Outdated and not working「loreattributesrecoded」「gem-system-overhaul-」.16177/ Same issue as the third one Outdated and not working
    "Why don't you use potionswords"? because it conflicts with the item effects plugin and the custom enchantments plugin and replaces item effects and custom enchantments or they just don't work.
    "Why don't you just use command blocks"? because tutorials on potion effects are also outdated or not java based and the flattening from Minecraft 1.13 update broke some of those commands.
    Other plugins may just do the same thing as those plugins above or cost money.
    This would be a extremely useful plugin if made.

    This would be a extremely useful plugin if made.

    If needed you may this plugin
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