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    Plugin category: Economy

    Minecraft version: Modern (1.13+, preferrably 1.15.2 or 1.16)

    Suggested name: ItemCollections

    What I want: If a player has say, 4 certain items, they would be able to combine them and make one certain item that could be represented as sort of a "collection" of those 4 items. I want this because my server has custom lore item drops for mobs and I want players to be able to take lore items from certain mobs and make a collection from those lore items, which in turn can be sold to a shop.
    Configuration: Where all of the possible collections and their item requirements would be held. I would very much appreciate it if you could have named items that are required for a collection. For example, a lily pad named "Soggy Pad" would be a required item in a collection.
    Ideas for commands:
    /ic reload- Reloads plugin and configuration
    /ic collection [collection] - Makes a collection of an item if you have all 4 of the items in your inventory

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: I'm running an active server that would highly benefit from something like this, so as soon as possible would be great. I'm not going to give a specific time frame though.

    Thank you!

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