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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Wundark, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    Most plugins that emulate EE2 to some degree, well, suck. So I tried my best to add my own take on it and see how far I can get using vanilla and bukkit mechanics.

    Here is what I have done so far. May I present to you... Item Xchange.

    ItemXchange Store (Klein Stars)
    This item stores energy from blocks and items. I didn't want to make these items OP so they cost a lot.

    Crafting Recipe

    This gives you an ItemXchange Cube.

    Cubes Level Energy Storage
    4 1 64
    16 2 256
    64 3 1024
    256 4 4096
    1024 5 16384
    4096 6 65536
    16384 7 1048576

    This also uses the scoreboard to show your max energy and current energy. This is compatible with multiple energy stores.

    Flower Of The Earth(Life Stone)
    Gives the user regeneration and food, there is a cost for this operation.

    Crafting Recipe (You must use level 4 store)

    Right Clicking with the item enables it. It may be anywhere in your inventory.

    Cloud In A Bottle (Swiftwolf's Rending Gale)
    This item allows for creative fly. It uses energy for every second that you are flying.

    Crafting Recipe (You must use a level 5 store)

    Right Clicking with the item enables it. It must be on your hotbar.

    Power Tools (Dark Matter Tools) With added energy!
    These items use energy for every use, but they are very powerful. These tools will not work if the player doesn't have a energy store.

    Crafting Recipe (You must use a level 5 store)
    Special Ability:
    Right Click + Shift - Places a torch where you click. (Like Tinkers Construct Tools) (Note: For Server Admins, this does fire a block place event so you will be able to track uses through block logging plugins)



    All items have an energy value. That is all.


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    Wow, this is pretty nice. I'm also thinking of making a BuildCraft plugin. All this could be the vanilla Tekkit!
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    If I was I would make everything intergrate very well. Also a client mod may be required for textures.
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    I had the pleasure of testing this during the early phases.
    Looks great so far :D

    Looking forward to see where you go with it in the future.
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    The whole point of this would be to make a completely unmodded client. You would just have to identify items by their name.
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    But if a client wants to have a texture for it to look better that IS NOT REQUIRED, then it is perfectly valid.
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    You would have to override existing items if you want custom textures for them.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Oh wow, actually looks amazing.
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    It looks awesome
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    With a custom item renderer we can set the item graphic based on the lore.
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    Again.. You're defeating the purpose of even making these plugins. You may as well play regular Tekkit..
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    I think you are missing the point. I am making a plugin that emulates EE2 for bukkit. I will make an optional forge mod that will allow the items in this mod to look better than just vanilla items. No server mod required.
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    Just.. Don't.. The big thing for this will likely be that it is fully compatible will vanilla Minecraft. You see, if people are going to install a mod, they may as well install the real EE.
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    Do you not see the word 'optional'? Also EE has been in dev for a very long time and won't be completed any time soon.
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    Yes, I do. But if there were people that installed your optional mod, that would defeat the whole purpose of all this because they may as well install the mod! Meh.. they may as well install it in an older version of Minecraft. Updates suck nowadays anyway.
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    Well the mod is not server side so not everyone needs to have the mod, it is purely to look better. For example right now I have it so that the Flower Of The Earth has a custom texture, creates particle effects and communicate with the server through the Bukkit Plugin Channels.
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    Do whatever you want, but I'm telling you that it is a bad idea and will make this plugin much less popular than it could be. As for me, my possible BC plugin will not have any mods and it will be a plugin, and a plugin only.
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    I fail to see how an optional extra will turn people down, If anything it will turn some modders to come and play as its still on a bukkit server but it has custom textures and it will look like a mod but it is 100% optional and will be as equally fun without it.
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    Look, here's what people will think if you make this mod:

    "It's stupid for me to install a mod to make my experience better with this plugin. I'm just gonna go get the real mod instead."

    Here's what people will think if you don't make the mod:

    "Wow, this is so cool! This has complete compatibility with vanilla Minecraft! I'm so going to use this!"

    You see, it's not that it's a completely bad idea, but people are just going to think of it that way.
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    I too speak on behalf of all users.

    imo, make the mod or whatever optional like you plan just don't let it ruin the experience if they don't have it.
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    It's a relatively useless mod, but will likely impact the plugin the way I said it will. I'm thinking very deep on this, and am predicting the future from other things I've seen. People's heads will always try to find the negative in something, so if this mod is never made, you can "trick" everybody's minds. It's best to stay safe, go forward with this, and toss the mod aside.
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    I disagree with the end, but "People's heads will always try to find a negative" -The Doctor will be somthing I quote now :3

    I think you should go ahead with the mod, but maybe make it slightly diffrent from EE.
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