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    Please let me know if there is already the exact same plugin!

    Hey, I was wondering if someone could make me a simple plugin which will teleport you to specific locations with specific items. Kinda like the one from hypixel. Just a little bit different. I want a couple items in your normal 9 slots inventory which will teleport you to specific locations. It doesn't have to teleport you to other worlds. Just X-Y-Z and maybe a direction. So like I have a paintball lobby, I want a Snowball which is named: Paintball for example. And these items have to work in just 1 defined world ("lobby" in my case). Oh and can you make it like they would have these tools all the time. So when they first spawn, they will get these items.
    Plugin name: ItemTeleport
    Category: Teleportation [​IMG]
    Itemtp.item.(Gives specific teleporter you named in the config.yml) *Optional
    Itemtp.reload (Reloads config.yml)

    Hope you understand my english
    Thanks for helping me out! <3nohomo
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    CraftBook's CommandItems feature can do this.
    If you don't want the other features just disable them, the plugin is modular so it'll act like the features don't even exist.
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    Hey, Thanks for the plugin! I only got 2 little problems. It won't let me spawn these items (/commanditems give Paintball), it's saying something like: Invalid commanditem. And number two: Can I make it like the Newbies get these items when they spawn for the first time?
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    Is the item definition actually 'Paintball'?
    Pastebin your CommandItems configuration.

    Yes, you can use any spawn items plugin to give the item. Just give it the same name, lores, enchants, etc.

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