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    Plugin category: Fun or Mechanics

    Suggested name: Item shooter

    What I want: I want to be able to type in a simple command and be able to shoot a block or anything out of your bow
    Ideas for commands: /bowshooter

    Ideas for permmissons: bowshooter.shoot

    When i'd like it by: as soon as someone can make it but i would like to reopen my sever on this sunday so please hurry.
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    Wait, so you set a block to be placed where an arrow hits? If so, I can do that later today.
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    This is pretty much like , but without the bow, though if you want i could (or anyone else, if they want to take this plugin as a base) provide a modified version that requires a bow to shoot the blocks/entities.
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    No i don't want it to be set the block when it hits i just want to be able to shoot items at people for like my drop party on my sever i don't want it to be able to hurt them either like i want to be able to shoot armor,tools,blocks,and pretty much everything so please someone do this :)

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