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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by LaughNgamez, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Hello! So at the moment I'm looking for a handy plugin. The purpose of this plugin is to do something quite handy for server owners who've had exploits and such. The point is I would like a plugin which does a map search and removal of an item.

    /itemremove <item> <world> <speed> (Speed value would be used to change rate based on lag)

    It would search for blocks and chests, furnaces, etc. Ideally it would support things like mob heads (keeping in mind their states) and specific enchantments as well. Enchantments say above sharp 10 on diamond swords would all be removed with

    /itemremove 276:16;10+ <world> <speed>

    Enchantments are not necessary but would be ideal to make the plugin more attractive to other users.

    If you have more questions leave a reply​
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    I think essentials does this
    /<command> <all|drops|xp> [radius|world]
    /<command> <arrows|boats|minecarts|paintings|itemframes|endercrystals> [radius|world]
    /<command> <monsters|animals|ambient|mobs|[mobType]> [radius|world]
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    fairly sure it doesn't, if it does what feature?
  4. BlazingBroGamer
    Essentials can only clear entities. LaughNgamez
    seems to be requesting almost complete wipeout, including blocks, entities and items in inventories.
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    Yes I am
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