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    What I want is simple to explain. There will be groups.yml file after the plugin is installed. Let me write that down and explain through that example.

            - User1
            - WOODEN_SWORD
            - IRON_LEGGINGS
            - time set 0
    So this plugin will deny certain users to use certain items basicly. But I will explain the details now. It will create groups.yml file written above. A stands for group name and under it there are users in that group and items those in that group cannot hold*. Armors that users of that group cannot use**. Also there is a command section I will explain later.

    That means if User1 tries to hold wooden sword on his hand it will say "You cannot use that" (this text can be changed via another yml file plugin created) and sword will go into his inventory. Same goes for iron leggings when he tries to put it on.

    I also want 2 commands that this plugin will add into game. 1st (PN stands for plugin name) "/PN reload" and second "/PN add {group name}". 1st command will reload groups.yml file if I change it manually without needing to reset server. 2nd command will add the user who used that command into {group name}. If group name doesn't exist it will say "There is no such a group name." (again configurable in another yml file).

    So there is already a group I set above. Let's say User2 typed "/PN add A" following things will happen.

    - He will be added to group named A.
    - He won't be able to use wooden sword or iron leggings anymore.
    - Time will be set to 0

    I guess you understand the point of command section now. If someone puts himself to a group, command(s) related to that group will be executed automaticly eventho that user doesn't have permission to use those commands.

    *: I mean if the item is on 2nd hotbar and user selects that hotbar the item will go to inventory auto.
    **: Cannot use means that he cannot put it into his armor slot but he CAN hold it. That is the difference between armors and items section.

    Why I want this plugin (You don't have to read it)
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    I am using permissionsEX and everyone is User as default. I want to create classes such as warrior, assassin etc. So I will create Warrior under permissionsEX and give every permissions User has but take the permission to use "/PN add {group name}" so he won't be able to change his class after he chooses one. I will create group named warrior under this plugin and I will add certain command to delete user from User (it was something like /pex user username remove groupname or something like that I don't remember clearly) and add it to warrior group at permissionsEX. So he will be warrior who cannot use certain items or wear certain items. His prefix suffix will change etc.

    There are couple plugins that does this such as heroes but heroes adds a lot of features that I don't need (such as skills and most importantly it changes all entities' damages so I cannot use it along with customnpcs mod) and causes me problems.

    Thanks for reading.
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    I checked it out and it might cover my need I'll load it up and test it to see how it works thanks.
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