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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Travel2005, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Does Anyone Know of a good item repair shop bukkit plugin? I've googled and I'll I've found is Citizens which doesn't work for me and BlackSmith which is the same as the latter. Does anyone know of any others or feels like making one I would really appreciate it...
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    So what do you want exactly? A command they can do to repair a tool?
    Do you want it to cost something? (Block, heart, etc.)
    Do you have a skype?
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    I want a sign (preferably) that could repair someones tool... and I would want it to cost money (I have iConomy)
    Also I don't give out my Skype info...
    Thanks if you want to help,


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    Your sentence doesn't make sense, so I assume you meant "which is the same as the former". Why do Citizens and Blacksmith not work for you?

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    Excuse my bad grammar... (No Sarcasm)
    Citizens doesn't work because I don't have any permissions plugins installed and Blacksmith won't run because its designed for an older version... It comes back up with an error asking if its up to date.
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    He wants a plugin that can repair items like armor and tools, Citizens still has a lot of bugs to work out, i want the exact same thing. I fully support any one that is willing to take this up. I may take it up once i start coding more simpler plugins.
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    Thanks SeanMalloy,
    I would be very appreciative to anyone who takes up this task...

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