Item name & desc. changing on-the-fly

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    Plugin category: FUN/MECH

    Suggested name: ItemDetails (or etc.)

    What I want: I was looking for, but I did not find such a plugin. I'm talking about creating a plugin through which we can change the name of the item and its description in the game. All with colors, permission, and/or mysql support (for showing items in player web-profile).

    Ideas for commands: /itemname or /iname [name] - change the name of the item (and color).
    /itemdescription or /idesc [desc] to change the description (with color) of the item.

    Ideas for permissions: - for command /iname
    itemdetails.desc - for command /idesc
    itemdetails.color - for color support in description and item name

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    This might be possible now that anvils have been added. with changing the name of the item.

    idk what you mean changing the description.

    You would proberly need spout for this
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    It is a pity. I only use craftbukkit. As to the anvil. I know that there can be change, but I would like to add a command for VIP. Can anyone he could do it without spout? The data object could be written to a mysql database or to a file.
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    You can make it so you can change the name via command, but i don't no what you mean buy a description to the item
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    For me, VIP functions slightly differently. Any payment to keep the server gives the player a premium account forever. Mainly I care about adding the item description. This allows you to plan the creation of an interesting event where you can win a legendary object (an object with its own name and history).
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    I think that he mean lore and not description?
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    I can do this easily. Add me on skype "guykilgour"
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    I found the photo on the internet to show the final result. Take a look:

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