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    I am looking for some thing like this plugin here:

    But what I need, is the ability to mail items from the console. I have a forum set up which executes console commands when users buy some thing from the shop, which at the moment uses the /give command, but it's a little temperamental, as if the user is offline, or has a full inventory they don't get the items.

    It really just needs to be simple. Some thing like putting a sign above a chest with [ItemMail] (Or some thing like that) on the first line, then the plugin automatically fills in the players name on the second line.

    Other players could also email items to others, or even them selves for safe keeping, (Maybe at a cost?) but the important thing is I need it to have console support.

    Also, if possible the ability to send multiple items at once, eg:
    This would be nice, but not dependent (It would make suits of armour easier to have on the forum)

    Or, if any one knows of a plugin that allows me to use a console command to give items to a player specified chest,t hat would be cool too!

    Thanks in advance for the help guys, I would be greatly appreciative :)
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    I could rig it up to give the player an item when they sign in. Also I could rig it to give them a message if their inventory is full and tell them that they will receive the item on their next sign in if there is space. Alternatively the items could be delivered to their enderchest or something. Do those sound like viable options?
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    That actually sounds perfect! Would the users need to register an enderchest in a certain way, or just by simply placing one down?

    Thanks for replying :)
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    Sorry for double posting, but were you able to make any headway ?

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