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    Plugin category: Admin/Tool

    Suggested name: ItemGUI

    What I want: First type in the command /itemgui or /ig which will bring up the command help.

    Hold a item and type in /ig create [name]. To set it up you need to set these command's

    1-18 Slot's on the ItemGUI

    Ideas for commands:

    /ig create [name] Hold a item and it will have what warp's and command's seprate to other's
    /ig create [slot] Bring's up info
    /ig create [slot] warp|command [command/warp name] Set's the command/warp
    /ig create [slot] item Hold the item of what you want
    /ig create [slot] name [name] Let's you add a name when you hover over the item
    /ig create [slot] desc [text] Let's you add a description to the slot name
    /ig disable Disable's plugin
    /ig enable Enable's Plugin
    /ig help In the name

    Ideas for permissions: ItemGUI.perm

    When I'd like it by: Please before the end of the month (July)
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    Dont like that

    Rather right click a item
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    Example would be nice next time
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