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    Hello Bukkit forums, I need some assistance. I am making a plugin Called RareDrops which allows the player to have a rare chance of an extra item dropping, the problem is that I have tried chance systems and weighted Arraylists, I have not succeeded in doing those two because the rate is either too frequent or too rare. Here are my items:
    Legendary Helmet
    Legendary Chestplate
    Legendary Leggings
    Legendary Boots
    Rare Helmet
    Rare Chestplate
    Rare Leggings
    Rare Boots
    Normal Helmet
    Normal Chestplate
    Normal Leggings
    Normal Boots

    Thank you.

    Oh and I forgot to add
    out of 100 kills
    Legendary: 0.1% - 0.4%
    Rare: 1%-4%
    Normal: 13%


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