Filled Item Cost for Warps

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Quigster, Dec 23, 2016.

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    Minecraft version: 1.11

    Suggested name: ItemWarp (or anything you can come up with, it doesn't matter)

    In this plugin i'd like to have a certain item to be able to warp to a certain place for a specific amount of time.

    For example, you need to have a piece of paper to warp to a certain place and you only get to stay there for a minute. On my prison server I want to have this to be able to get a special item from a crate and use it to teleport to a special mine for a minute. And to warp to the area, I want it to be activated on a sign while holding the item.

    I'm clueless to when it comes to stuff like this but I don't think there would be any commands/permissions needed for this plugin. Just to be able to click on a sign with a certain item to teleport somewhere.

    If the plugin is finished within a week, that'd be awesome! Thanks!

    EDIT: By special item, I mean an item that is required to be used to teleport. For example, you need a piece of paper that has the writing "Special Mine Warp" in all green. I say "special item" because it's supposed to be an item nobody can create or find out in the wild.
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    I could try this real quick for yah.
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    If you could, that'd be great!
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    I'm sorry, I am not sure I understood your description.
    How does the player gonna be teleported there?
    Will he use a sign while he is holding a piece of paper?
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    While holding a special item, they will click on a sign and be teleported. So yes.
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  8. @Quigster You say special item, you know we don't know what that is right? We don't know if this is paper called Special Item if it has the entire Bible crammed into the lore. We don't know, more description would be appreciated
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    Thanks, I edited it. Hopefully it makes more sense now..
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    Bump, I really need this plugin so if anyone could make it, it'd be appreciated! Thanks
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  12. Hey i could make this plugin for you! But i can also make a system so they can hold the item and right click it they get teleported and remove the item if that is what you want if you can say what you want i am going to start dev. Right now! And what mc version?
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  14. With the right click system? And adding items with names etc trew the mc chat! I am going to start today. Oh and what has the main command has to be? like /warp or something diffrent
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    @TechCommandCraft I'm not sure what you meant by
    The player should get the item from a kit or a crate or something.
  16. I get that but when you want to create the warp. Like /itemwarp add <name> but what do you want as main command! So the /itemwarp what that to be /warp /itemwarp what do you want?
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  18. IT WORKS! so when you do /itemwarp add <name> || than the item in your main hand will be set as the warpItem and the location where you are standing is the location where you get TP. when you do /itemwarp remove <name> it will remove the warp ofc. The item can have a spefic name or just the normal name. The TP will only works when you right click the item and also the item will be removed with 1 every time you use it! I am now going to add an option called "option" so you can change the location from the warp and the item it self! also I want to make a option like /itemwarp option SmoothLocation <name> and it will center the warp in the middle of the block! I hope this is what you want maybe you can join my test server so you can see the plugin in action! Also can i post this plugin for everyone? so opensource!
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    @TechCommandCraft I'd love to see how the plugin works! And of course you can post it for everyone! Thanks, I really needed this plugin :D
  20. No problem dude but I think we a little problem with the time diffrence. So I wil just post it with all the things you need to know and create a /itemwarp help so you can see all the options also i have created a tab conpletion so you can just tab click to all possible options! And if you don't get something just dont put the full command and it will give you the command you can use so! Hope you will enjoy the plugin!

    EDIT: The plugin is done! here is a link hope you enjoy

    PLS post me something if you want something to be added or changed!
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    @TechCommandCraft Everything seems to be working! This is REALLY awesome! Thanks for helping out I really appreciate it!!! If you want I could post an instructional video if you don't mind and you can also join my server anytime you want!

    This has really helped me :) Thanks!
  22. No problem man! I love to help people out! One more thing if you want something added to the plugin or changed or you don't get something pls ask me I will help you out

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    @TechCommandCraft Alright, I guess the only thing you could add is /itemwarp list, to show all of the itemwarps. Thanks again :)
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  24. Oh that would be a nice thing to add. And maybe a /itemwarp warp <warpName> so you can also warp without item only when you have permission ofc

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