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    Plugin category: Admin Tools
    Im not sure what category this would be :)

    Suggested name: Item Command Plugin

    What I want: A user or admin can set commands that can be triggered when left/right clicking with the selected item. You also have the choice to set items or money to be consumed, or given to a player. It also has the ability to run commands a user does not have permissions for.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ic add (command) - adds a command to an item user needs no permission.
    /ic cost (amount) - Cost to use the command
    /ic itemcost (item) (amount) - number of an item needed to use the command
    /ic change (new command) - New command wanted on the item
    /ic cooldown (amount in sec) - Cooldown to use the item command in sec
    /ic remove (command) - removes the command off an item
    Ideas for permissions: These are in order from the list of commands.
    When I'd like it by: VERY SOON!!!
    Thanks for reading!
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    May I suggest you my plugin ReActions? It allows to link commands (and lot of other actions) to item (but it not works for right-click only).

    Here is example how to bound changing velocity action to item (map with specified name and data)
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    fromgate My server has core inspect and the command to use it is /co your plugin uses /co also..
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    fromgate Retired Staff

    /co command is not a ReActions command it's an alias of /photo command provided by CameraObscura plugin (it used to create image on the map).

    ReActions' command is /react (/rea). Rewind video to 0:40 - you'll see usage of this command.
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