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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gosintary, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Hey I need a plugin for bukkit 1.8.8 where you hold an item in your hand and do /voucher save {name} command, and it adds the item in hand to a list of vouchers, KEEPING THE ITEMS NAME AND LORE.

    Then you can do /voucher list to see all vouchers

    and then /voucher get {name} to get this voucher. Right-clicking with a voucher in hand will tell the player
    &c&lZombie&4&lVouchers &8&l ยป&r &aYou successfully redeemed a voucher, and execute the command added to it.

    EG. I make a voucher for $5000. I make a gold ingot named &6&l$5000 and then hold it and do /voucher save 5k /eco give {player} 5000. Then I do /voucher get 5k and it gives me a gold ingot named &6&l$5000, when they right click it, it removes it from inventory says the message and runs /eco give {player} 5000.

    I would like this as soon as possible,

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    Should be able to do tomorrow.
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    Nvm found MyItems plugin. Filled.
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