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    Hey i'm trying to work out a bunch of things on the plugin " heroes" and 'im wondering, am i able to change the damage certain things, such as make gold swords do high damage, or make diamond armor stronger, or maybe even make enderpearls do a lot of damage when you hit someone with them?

    Thanks :)

    hmm, 3rd time asking, 3rd time no reply :( maybe ill get a reply next week :D

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    If you haven't gotten a reply the first two times, what makes you think the third would be different. If your looking for "Heroes" support, please go to the Heroes thread.
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    I'd ask again because its very crucial to what im doing! :) i cant just give up :p

    also- this question has absolutely nothing to do with heroes, why would i ask in their forums xD
    (i just mentioned it because i need to be able to edit weapon damages so i can use my class plugin more efficiently)

    but does anyone know how to change damages so i can make gold hit harder and stuff?

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