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    I recently had this idea for a plugin, and since I have very minimal Java coding experience I though I'd post it here. :)

    Minecraft version: 1.6.2 or future versions.

    My idea:
    A plugin that adds a line of lore to a block or item saying something like: "Crafted by ..." or "Mined by ... on 1-1-13". It would basically be the log of an anti-grief plugin. Dates could be optional. I imagine this could get pretty messy with file sizes, so maybe MySQL integration?
    Block of diamond
    -Crafted by jwa1 on 4th of April 2013

    Wooden axe
    -Crafted by xXMinecraftnameXx on 2nd of August 2003

    Possible problems:
    Items with different lore don't stack, so maybe keep only one line for stackebles or unstackebles only (like tools, armor, potions, ect...) Or maybe add a command like: "/clearlore" to delete the lore of the item you're holding.

    Expansion (difficult?):
    Trace the materials of crafted items. Add enchants/repairs.
    Diamond pickaxe
    -Logs mined by jwa1
    -Planks crafted by xXMinecraftnameXx
    -Sticks crafted by xXMinecraftnameXx
    -Diamonds mined by jwa1
    -Crafted by jwa1
    -Enchanted by xXMinecraftnameXx
    -Repaired by jwa1

    Additional info:
    Plugin category: Informational/Roleplaying
    Suggested name: Doesn't really matter. Itemtracker, Itemtracer... better ideas are always welcome! :p
    Ideas for commands: As I stated above, /clearlore could be one.
    Permissions: [pluginticker].clearlore allows people to use that command.
    When I'd like it by: When it's ready. :)

    I can see some item lores get pretty interesting this way, and people can always be sure it's their item.
    I really hope any coders/plugin makers will consider making this plugin. If they do, credit will be nice, but not necessary.
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    You have a very interesting idea for a plugin that is for sure. However, there is already a very efficient logging plugin available right now for finding out who placed or destroyed a block. You should take a look at CoreProtect. I know you want something that tracks who crafted but finding out who mined something is very easy with CoreProtect. It may even be possible to request a feature of Craftbook to add lore tags like "Crafted by @p" so maybe Me4502 can do something with this idea.

    Also could try asking on the forums of Skript if there is a way to add a lore to an item when its crafted. There is already an "On Craft of diamond sword:" (example) event so it might be possible to at least rename the item to being a player's name and then the vanilla item. An example result might be:
    jwa1's Diamond Sword

    I hope this helps you and anyone else out.
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    CraftBooks Crafting system already supports @p tags in Lore.
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    So this can be done with the CraftBook plugin?
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    After reading your post, no. Craftbook can only do that to recipes created in craftbook. I'd recommend Skript
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    I made a little test script like this:
    on craft of diamond sword:
    send "&2May you slay many foes with this mighty blade!" to player

    But how do I define the lore? A look on their wiki didn't give me any results.

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