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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Moon_werewolf, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Ok i have apparently read wrong. "ease-of-use" that is just wrong i try a long time to get this .... to work. i only get error messages. hMod was 1000 time easier,
    2.add jar to library

    This thing take so long time to set up and then i think im done and can CODE! the main file is 62 code rows long...

    but this is not done so maybe then it get to version 1.0 it is easy to use but now it is just a Ghaa!!!

    Silentspy: edited the title, please keep your language clean.
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    Moon_werewolf, if you could please explain the issue you're having maybe someone could help you. Please answer at least these questions:
    1) is the error you're having with Bukkit (trying to make a plugin) or Craftbukkit (trying to make a server)? I would assume bukkit since you're talking about coding. if that's the case are you trying to do this with bukkit, or are you accidentally using the wrong one?
    2) What error/issue are you having? Please be more in depth with this than just "error messages".
    3) what things have you tried to resolve the issue?

    I'm not a mod or developer, however a mod will be able to help you better when they get around to you if they have this info.
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    Ben S

    Actually compiling bukkit plugins is about as easy, but just different. The compile/build system uses Maven. If you head over to the Plugin Development forum, there is a thread that has a plugin development kit.
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    ok. i have follow this every step-by-step

    Then i downloaded this (

    After that i download this (a SamplePlugin)

    I added Bukkit in the SamplePlugin's Java Build Path
    Right click -> Properties -> Java Build Path -> add.. -> Bukkit

    Then i exported it as a JAR file in the plugin folder in there server
    i named the JAR file SamplePlugin

    then i started the server and this comes

    I tested /pos but i only got a small error in the server console
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    This line:
    "org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidDescriptionException: version is not defined"

    in your plugin.yml file you need to have a line that says "version: blah" with blah being a number or something.

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    Are the any other better sample plugins?

    i get after adding version
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    Caused by: Jar does not contain plugin.yml
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    After about 10 attempts editing the plugin.yml i finnaly got this to work.. thx but i still think this is unnecessarily complicated
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    I'm sorry but if you are unable to write a simple plugin.yml, you should think of doing several java tutorials first.

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    I have. i made mods in hMod. but that thing was simple and easy-to-use. this sh*t is so much "junk" code. was it wrong with haveing like this
    public class mGold extends Plugi

    ok after some thinking and i recoded the file a bit i got the plugin to work and only use one .java file :)

    instead of have a plugin.yml and multi .java files? just to print out hello world
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