ISO: Small server for beta testing.

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ImDeJay, Feb 11, 2014.

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    I am looking for a small server that only has between 5-20 active players for beta testing purposes.

    I do not want to put this plugin on a large server and have it crash.

    I want to start beta testing my plugin on a small level to be sure everything is working as it should and will not cause any problems.

    The plugin in question is "killStats".
    My previous version is used quite a bit, but i did a complete rebuild of the plugin starting from scratch in hopes of making it a more stable plugin and faster, with easier commands and permission handling.

    If you have a small server and wouldnt mind lending me a helping hand that would be great

    If you have a spare Dev server your not using and would be a kind person and sponsor me and allow me to use it to test out small plugins, that would be AWESOME.
    If ^^ interests you, you should check out my work
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    send me a private message and I can help you out.
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    I have a spare server available till the 25th if i don't continue to use it, or turn it into a private mindcrack server.
    nobody joins the server do. It is whitelisted and tells the player trying to join the new servers ip.
    i might end up using your plugin at some point it is nice.

    let me know if that's any use to you.
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    Yes this would be of use to me.

    Reason being, I can upload the beta version of my killstats plugin and tell people on my skype list about it and they can all join and pvp which would give me any information i need about the plugin

    The reason i cant do this from my home server is because i am away from the house 15 hours a day and dont want to leave the server running all day and night taking all my resources.

    If you would be willing to give me access to the FTP and OP so i can reload the server when i fix a problem in the plugin this would be wonderful.

    It would help me alot with the beta testing so i can get this released sooner.

    Again thanks.
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    ok shouldn't be a problem, maybe ftp will be but i'll see what i can do.
    pm me your skype and ill get back to you when im home.
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