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    Name: IslandsWorld

    Category: World Generation

    Description: I am in need of a plugin that generates a world full of islands. These islands should be pretty small, maximum of 3 chunks by 3 chunks (approximate). Each island should have only one biome, such as a desert island, a forest island, mesa, etc.

    I would also like the ability to "create" custom biomes in the config. I would be able to set the first layer (grass), the second layer (dirt), and the third layer (stone). I would also like to be able to set how deep each layer is. There should also be options to set what plants/trees (if any), ore pockets, and schematics to paste randomly throughout the biome (and how far apart they are).

    Commands: None needed

    Permissions: None needed

    When I need it: Not immediately, but soon.

    Note: I have tried using TerrainControl to accomplish this, but didn't have any luck. I also have seen DeathMarine's "Islands Generator" plugin, but it is outdated, doesn't have any sort of config, and he isn't replying to my PMs. Deathmarine

    I hope you guys can assist me with this.
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    bossomeness Seems like a good plugin idea...I could find a use for it if somebody created it :)
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    The code for the plugin can be found @

    Feel free to butcher it as needed. I was merely just messing around when I started working with world generation. There is quite a bit of trial an error when working with a generator.

    The concept to create an island is basically to pick a point on the Y-axis for water and use the octave generator to set the inflection at a specific point and well by testing its location you can define what material should be used. I know that the code looks like its hard to decipher however trying to mentally visualize how the octave generator plots height proved to be difficult so I used short hand erroneous variables as well as started to shorten the code to make all of the determinations on the initial pass (complete iteration of an axis) with horrible notes. Then using a populator to add additional trees, grass, caves, ect which were kinda just pieced together.

    I know that I haven't been that active but its hard to find time with all the changes going on.
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    Deathmarine Thanks! I'll try to look into it and see what I can do.

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